We have a strict visiting policy. We make no exceptions.


We only allow visitors at the puppy-choosing appointment and/or the pick-up appointment. This cuts down on any unintentional exposure to outside diseases and infection brought in on shoes and tires.

Before visiting us, please do not visit a pet store. Parvo and other diseases can easily be picked up and tracked in on shoes and tires. We’ve never had a Parvo outbreak thanks to our strict policy and we’d like to stay Parvo-free. You will be required to remove your shoes and place them in the cubby provided upon entering our showroom.



Children must be well supervised while visiting our facility. Children are not allowed to carry the puppies. They may sit on the floor and let the puppies climb onto their laps. Please go over this rule with your children before arriving at our facility.


We want your visit to be a pleasant experience for everyone involved.