Our parent dogs are cared for by our well-trained, full-time staff in our beautiful facility. Many of our parent dogs live in guardian homes and stay with us during the breeding and birthing process.

All of our breeding dogs are fully tested. We are very proud of all the work we have put into selecting our breeding stock. If a dog fails even one test, that dog is spayed/neutered and placed in a home as a pet and never bred. Our breeding dogs had to undergo lots of tests to be able to be in our program.


A guardian home provides our parent dogs with a safe and loving environment with a family or an individual.

While our parent dogs are in guardian homes, and enrolled in our breeding program, food and vitamins are provided. Co-ownership is shared between guardian and The Paw Pad Doodles until the parent dog is retired from the breeding program.



Once a dog is retired (usually before their 7th birthday), a guardian becomes a forever family and ownership is then transferred to the guardian. If the breeding dog lives at The Paw Pad facility, those are placed for adoption when they retire.