Before you begin

It’s important to make sure that you are choosing the right breed for you and your family. It’s also important to make sure that you’re ready for a puppy. Please take a moment to take this quiz before moving forward.

Are pet allergies a concern? Now you can order an allergy test before you commit to adopting a Paw Pad Doodle. For a fee we’ll send you a t-shirt that has been exposed to the dander and saliva of a puppy in a generation you’re interested in. Order yours here!

The Big Decision

Once you’ve decided that you are ready for a puppy and that a Paw Pad Doodle puppy is right for you, apply!

Please specify what variation of a doodle you’re looking for as well as the colors and when you’d be able to take your puppy home.

Next, submit your paperwork along with a deposit.


The Deposit

A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required when applying. It will be applied to your overall balance.

Most clients choose to pay this via PayPal or personal check if mailing in their paperwork.

The Waiting List

Once you’ve placed your deposit and submitted your paperwork, your name goes onto our waiting list. (Unless you’ve applied for an available puppy or litter)

Our waiting list is based on specifics i.e. color, hair texture, size, gender, timing, temperament, etc. If someone ahead of you does not see what they’re looking for, they can pass and your name will move up on the waiting list. When inquiring where you are on the waiting list, we cannot give you a number as it is frequently edited.

Once you have committed to a litter, you will receive a link to the litter page. Photos will be updated weeks 1-5 and then a video will appear on the page at week 6. Temperament test scores will appear at week 5. This will help you feel a little more prepared for choosing day.


Choosing Day

Once requirements are met, you’ll be invited to a puppy showing. A puppy showing is when you get to play with the puppies in the litter you’ve chosen at around 6 weeks of age. This time with the puppies enables you to get to know the puppies a little better before making your decision.

If you’re unable to make it to choosing day, you may send a friend or relative to choose for you. You can also choose based on puppy photos, videos we’ve posted on their litter page, temperament test scores, and descriptions.

We have a very strict visiting policy to insure all of our puppies and parent dogs stay healthy.

Upon visiting, you will be welcomed into our puppy showroom.


If you would like a photo with your new family member, on this couch, please don’t hesitate to ask one of us!


We have 4 areas for puppy choosing. We ask that you remain seated during your time with the puppies and that no children stand with or carry the puppies.


The window allows you to see into our parent facility. Due to health risks to our dogs, we do not let anyone beyond the showroom.


This is our shoe cubby. Upon entering the building, we ask that you remove your shoes and place them in a cubby. Parvo and other diseases can spread quickly from shoes.

RAF_4979 copy.jpg

We now have a checkout counter and we offer new merchandise. If you don’t see the size or color you’re looking for visit our online store.



If you’re paying your total balance with a personal check, MO or Cashier’s check, you may only do so on or by the choosing day. All other forms of payment (Venmo, cash, and credit card) can be paid up until pick-up day or before training. If paying the balance via PayPal, it must clear before picking up the puppy. A 3% processing fee is added on to all PayPal and credit card transactions. Add an IL state sales tax of 6.75%.


Before Pick-up

It’s important that you’re prepared to welcome home your new family member. Here’s a shopping list we’ve compiled to help you feel more prepared.



Learn more about our potty-training course.


Pick-up Day

Puppies can go home at 8 weeks old. If you have chosen to enroll your puppy in potty-training, then pick-up will be later.

Puppies go home with a gallon bag of their food, a collar, a blanket and 2 toys. They are also microchipped and you will be given their form to fill out to register the chip with you. They receive their first puppy shot at 6 weeks and begin deworming starting at 4 weeks. Dew claws are removed.

RAF_5002 copy.jpg

A staff member will greet you in our puppy showroom with your new puppy!

RAF_5307 copy.jpg

You will be given vaccination records, paperwork, microchip paperwork, and the microchip tag. We also include some food, toys, and a collar. Instructions are sent out via e-mail before pick-up.

RAF_5323 copy.jpg

Soon, you’ll be on your way home with your new family member!



If you’re unable to pick-up your puppy in person, we offer flight-accompaniment where a staff member accompanies your puppy on a flight to your city. If you live within 300 miles of us, we offer delivery to a designated meeting place near or in your hometown. The fee for delivery varies based on distance traveled and plane ticket purchased, if flying. Please let us know if you would like to add delivery to your payment process. Here’s more information on the process.


After Pick-up or Delivery

We love keeping in touch with our clients. Please keep us updated on how your puppy is doing and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have. Follow us on IG and join our Facebook page!

Annual Doodle Romp

Every year we hold a Doodle Romp. It’s a chance for our past clients and their dogs to get together. You can find more information here.