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Wilson (aka Willie)









Harley is an adorable AKC mini Poodle. He is OFA hips Good, eyes CERF, Patellas Normal, OFA elbows normal, SA clear and vWD normal. He has been giving us non-shedding coats on our F1 minis with not much curl to them. More of a shaggy coat. He also gives us fabulous coats on our F1b minis. 


Ziggy is our AKC apricot miniature Poodle. He gives us cream, apricot and red puppies with a nice loose curl coat. His hips are OFA "Excellent", elbows OFA"normal", patellas OFA"normal", eyes CERF, SA and vWD clear. Ziggy has been in our program the longest, of our mini Poodles. He gives us nice blocky faces and a variety of color. Very sweet.


Carson is an AKC red Miniature Poodle. Very sweet! He is OFA hips Good, OFA elbows normal, OFA Patella normal, OFA SA, vWD clear and eyes CERF. He is champion sired! He gives us adorable puppies with very nice coats.

Wilson (aka Willie) is an AKC mini Poodle and is just sweetest thing. He is very calm and gentle. Look for his puppies this fall! He is OFA hips Good, OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes disease Normal, OFA Patellar Normal, OFA heart Normal, OFA thyroid Normal, Eyes CERF, vWD normal and PRA normal. 

Champy is our newest addition to our breeding program! He is an AKC Miniature Poodle. He was named after a dear friend, Jennifer Champy. Jennifer Champy is also the founder of our Facebook Fan Club. 
Champy is ofa hips Good, ofa elbows Normal, ofa patellas Normal, eyes Normal, vWD normal and SA clear. 

Ty is our newest addition to our program. He is very sweet and is our smallest male Poodle. He is ofa hips Good, ofa patella's Normal, ofa elbows Normal, eyes CERF, vWD normal and SA clear. Looking forward to seeing what he produces for us!

Packer is our American F1b mini Goldendoodle and a member of our family. He has given us beautiful F2b and F3 medium Goldendoodles in the past. He is ofa hips Good, ofa elbows normal, ofa patella's normal, eyes normal. 

Griffin is an English CKC mini Goldendoodle. He lives with our daughter and her family. He is excellent with their 1 year old son (our grandson) Griffin is ofa Excellent hips, ofa normal elbows, ofa normal patella, eyes CERF, ofa heart normal and vWD normal through parentage. He gives us adorable English F1b medium Goldendoodles. You can see some of his babies on our medium sized Goldendoodles' page. 

Maxx is our apricot/red English F1 mini Goldendoodle. He is so sweet and has the softest coat that is non-shedding. He is ofa hips Good, ofa elbows Normal, eyes CERF, heart normal, Patella's normal, vWD normal through parentage (Harley is his dad). 

Drake is our black and white Parti English F1b mini Goldendoodle in our program. We are excited to see what colors he will be giving us! He has a very nice, loose curl, non-shedding coat. Very rich, black color. He is ofa hips fair, ofa elbows normal, eyes normal, vWD normal and heart normal! 

Bentley is an AKC red Standard Poodle. He is gorgeous! He is OFA hips Excellent, eyes CERF, OFA elbows normal, vWD clear through parentage, SA clear. He is a good natured dog, like all of ours are. He loves everyone. 

Aladdin is an English Golden Retriever. He is ofa hips Good, ofa elbows Normal, eyes CERF and ofa heart Normal. He is owned by a breeder friend of ours that raises English Golden Retrievers. Aladdin is a sweet dog. We have used him for previous litters. 

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