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Starting November 18, 2013, we will no longer be flying puppies out unless the buyer has come beforehand to meet the puppy or has sent a representative here to meet the puppy. You may also fly in to pick up your puppy and fly the puppy back with you "in cabin". Also ask about a delivery option. 
*All families picking up their puppy in Illinois, will be charged  Sales Tax.  Tax will be collected at final payment. Rate is 6.75%  

American or English F1 Standards

( Standard Poodle x American or English Golden Retriever)     $2000


American or English F1b Standards

(Standard Poodle x American or English Standard Goldendoodle)  $2000


English F1b Mediums

(Standard Poodle x English F1 mini Goldendoodle)  $2000


American F3 and F2b Mediums  

(F1b Standard x F1b mini)           $2000  

(F1b x F1) 

English F1 minis

(Miniature Poodle x Golden Retriever)                     $2200


English F1b minis

( Miniature Poodle x Goldendoodle)                       $2200

English F3 minis

(F1b Goldendoodle x F1b Goldendoodle)             $2200


English F1b toys

( Miniature Poodle x Mini Goldendoodle)           $2500 


Average weights:

Toys 10-20 pounes

Minis  25-35 pounds

Mediums 35-50 pounds

Standards 50-70 pounds 

A deposit of $200 reserves your puppy.  

If you would like to reserve a spot on an upcoming litter or an available puppy, please email us for the application and deposit form.

The Paw Pad Goldendoodles, Inc.
located near Peoria, Illinois