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Here is where life begins for a Paw Pad puppy! The puppies are born in the house. The nursery has its own heat and air conditioning system so we can keep the room temp just perfect for the newborns. We also have heat in the floor to keep the bottom of the boxes nice and warm. We have a camera in the nursery, so that we can watch the mommies and babies from other areas of the house. We sit with each mommy, when she delivers, to assist in the birth of our babies. 

Play area

Nail time

The puppies' Grandparents (Christine's parents) come over weekly to trim nails and socialize the puppies so that our puppies are well socialized with all ages. 

Trainer testing puppies.

When the puppies are between 5-6 weeks of age, our trainer comes and temperament tests each puppy and writes out their scores for the families to see, when they are choosing their puppy. It is one of the tools we use to help families choose a good match. 

Choosing time

Once the puppies have had their first shot, the families are welcome to come and play with them. The choosing day is setup, once the puppies are born. The choosing is at 6 weeks of age and they are ready to go home at 8 weeks. 

Toddler room.

The puppies are moved from the Nursery to the Toddler room between 4-5 weeks of age. They are then started on puppy food. They are also still nursing and spending time with mommy throughout the day until they are 7 weeks old, at which time, we slowly wean them completely between 7-8 weeks of age.   

Play time

The puppies have lots of playtime with us and our children! 

Early Socialization Technique

We do the Early Socialization Technique on our puppies. Above is Christine's father, doing the technique with one of our puppies. He also prays over each puppy each week! (He is a retired pastor) 

Puppy evaluation

Choosing time

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