Q: What is the difference between an F1, F1b, F2b, and F3’s?

A: An F1 is a Poodle and a Golden Retriever(or Bernese Mountain Dog). An F1b is a Poodle and a Goldendoodle (or a Bernedoodle). An F2b is an F1 Goldendoodle (or Bernedoodle) and an F1b Goldendoodle (or Bernedoodle). And F3 means both parents are F1b Goldendoodles (or Bernedoodles) (3/4 poodle + 1/4 Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog).

Q: Are your dogs hypoallergenic?

A: Yes! The F1b’s and the F3’s are hypoallergenic (F3’s being the most hypoallergenic).

Q: I sent in my paperwork and deposit months/weeks ago and haven’t heard a thing. When will I hear back?

A: We send confirmations to everyone once your application and/or deposit has been accepted letting you know it has been received. We will then contact you when we reach your name on a litter. If you have not heard from us then please reach out. We may not have received your information.

Q: Where am I on your waiting list?

A: We can’t tell you that because our list is always changing. As soon as a litter is born, Jennifer begins to contact people waiting on our list and as they commit to a litter or pass, the list evolves.

Q: How does your waiting list work?

A: Most clients are looking for something specific i.e. color, hair texture, gender, timing, temperament, size, etc. If you have been offered a spot on a litter but you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can pass and move on to the next litter until you find the right puppy for you. As you pass, people below you on our list are then contacted and can move up.

Q: When will you have a puppy for me?

A: You can expect the process to take 2-6 months unless you’ve applied for an available puppy.

Q: How many puppies is the mom pregnant with?

A: We cannot count the puppies on a sonogram. We can only guess.

Q: Can you give me the names and numbers of your previous clients so I can contact them to ask about their experiences with you?

A: We do not give out our clients’ personal information. You can read some reviews here. Once you’ve placed a deposit, we can approve your request to join our Facebook page and you can ask questions there.

Q: Can I come and meet the parents of the upcoming litters?

A: No. We do not expose our breeding dogs to people outside of our kennel. We do not take any risks with exposing our dogs to germs that could cause them to loose their puppies. We also don't know which litter a person is going to be on until puppies are born. On choosing day, you can see the mom through a viewing window that looks into our kennel and you can also see the dad if he lives with us. Some of our males live in guardian homes and only come to us when we need them for breeding and are not normally here on the weekend. 

Q: When can I come to meet the puppies and how is that done? Do all the families come at one time? 

A: The choosing day is set once the puppies are born. It is held on a Friday or Saturday, and normally the one that is closest to them being 6 weeks old. We schedule the families 1 hour apart in the order the deposits were received. We start at 10am. If you cannot come on the choosing date, you can come during the week before choosing day to give us your choices in order.

Q: Do you keep in close contact with families after puppies are placed?

A: Yes. We exchange emails regularly from clients letting me know how much they are enjoying their puppy. We also hold an annual Romp in Lake Forest, IL for families to attend that have adopted from us. 2016 will be our 11th annual Romp! 

Q: Can I join your Facebook page? 

A: You can join the page once we receive your deposit for a puppy. The page is set up for families that already have a puppy from us or are on the waiting list for one. We didn't set the page up as a means to advertise our puppies but as a safe community for families, that have adpted from us, to share their photos of their pups on. If you are a client and have sent in a request and your name on Facebook is something other than what we know you as, please send us an email. 

Q: Do you stud out your males?

A: No we do not. We do not risk an outside female bringing an illness to our male dogs. It is not worth the risk to us.